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Everton LFC

One of the teams that will be inducted into the new FA Womenís Super League in 2011 is the Everton Ladies, currently in the Premier League National Division. This team is no stranger to hard work; throughout the last two decades they have worked their way up through the ranks to become one of the strongest teams in Britain. They will surely continue to impress fans with their upcoming performance in this new League.


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Established in 1983, the team was originally known as the Hoylake Womenís Football Club. The team played hard and finally began to make a name for themselves in 1988 when they made it to the FA Womenís Cup final. Although they did lose the final match to Fulham, the team returned in 1989 and succeeded in beating the Doncaster Belles. By the 1992/1993 season, the Hoylake WFC finally earned their place in the FA Womenís Premier League. It was not until 1995 that the teamís name was changed to the Everton Ladies.

The Everton Ladies eventually won the National Premier League Championship in 1998, only to be disappointed the following year when they lost out to the Arsenal LFC. It has been a very up and down road to victory for Everton. Finally making it to the FA Womenís Cup in 2005, the team performed poorly and lost to Charlton Athletic. The team fought hard and, despite some setbacks, finally beat Arsenal in 2010. This win secured the Everton Ladies place in the Womenís Super League. The team currently practices in Crosby, Merseyside at the Arriva Stadium; this facility is home to the menís Marine Football Club. Current notable players who represented the 2009/2010 team include: Fara Williams (team captain), Lindsay Johnson, and Jody Handley.