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Tour Visitors Explore the Open Road

Despite fluctuations in airline ticket prices, international travel has never been more popular. The internet has massively enhanced our ability to communicate with friends in far off lands, so relationships that might once have become distant are now easy to keep vibrant. Among other things, this means more travelling friends journeying to your doorstep on holiday! This is well and good for those who have copious free time, a large budget, and a location conducive to entertaining multiple guests, but if you're like most people, you're lucky to have one of the three if that. There's an easy solution, however: encourage your friends to test for and attain an international driver's license before venturing out into the world. Guests who are so equipped can then make use of the family car if you're able to get by without it during the day. You can even use your licence to get short term car insurance from temporary cover sites such as carinsurancefor1day.co.uk.

A driver's licence isn't all they'll need to cruise the countryside, though. The Road Traffic Act of 1988 mandates that all drivers are required to carry basic liability insurance that will provide for others in the event of a crash. As your visitors cannot, in most cases, be carried on your existing policy if they operate your vehicle without you present, a short-term solution must be found. Short term vehicle insurance policies are an economical, flexible, and easy to purchase. Short term plans cover a range of days, usually from one to twenty-eight. Many providers offer a pay-by-the-day option, so if you're not sure how long your friends will need to borrow the car, it won't make life more of a hassle for you insurance-wise.

Once your friends are covered, it's off to see the sights! Make sure they're well practiced on safe back roads before turning them loose into traffic; the lane reversal can be a jarring transition for drivers new to UK streets. Be sure to verify that any visitors hold valid international licenses, otherwise, insurance purchased may not be valid, and you may be liable for costs stemming from an accident involving your vehicle. Short term vehicle insurance from an online provider is rapidly accessible, flexible thanks to pay-as-you-go pricing, and a simple solution to legal requirements. With a dose of common sense and forethought, a fun and stress free sightseeing tour is only a few clicks away.